Summer Waves Rectangular Frame Pool Review

By | November 24, 2016
Summer Waves Metal Frame Pool



    Setup Time









            • Strong braced U-frame legs
            • Easy Snap-on assembly
            • Double layered PVC sidewalls with inner polyester mesh
            • Includes Skimmer Plus Filtration system that removes surface debris


            • Ground must be completely leveled
            • Accessories are underwhelming

            Summer Waves Metal Frame Pool Pro Series



            The Summer Waves Rectangular Swimming Pool Pro Series among the most reliable and useful above ground pools we’ve ever seen. The pool sidewalls are constructed of heavy duty double layered PVC with a polyester mesh inner layer all laid on a braced system of U-frame legs. It’s U-frame support legs feature a quick snap-on assembly — a unique feature that allows for easy assembly and disassembly. It’s unique Skimmer Plus filtration system does a phenomenal job at removing debris from the water. All this does come at a small premium, but it’s certainly a premium worth paying for. 

            Category Metal Frame Rectangular Above Ground Pool
            Size 12ft by 24ft by 52in
            Water Capacity 7,900 gal
            Pump Skimmer Plus™ Filtration System


            • 12ft by 24ft

            Assembly and Upkeep

            The pool is designed to be very easy to assemble. Before setting up the pool, it is important to provide a flat and debris free platform for the pool to rest on. The pool walls will be subjected to thousands of pounds of water pressure, making it more vulnerable to punctures. The pool’s metal U-frame legs are inserted into the frame using a time saving and tool free snap on method that creates a frame that is just a strong as any other pool.

            Like most other above ground pools, the pool requires occasional maintenance and off-season storage. To preform basic upkeep, check the pool for leaks, corrosion, and contamination. Also periodically replace the pool filter to ensure the water stays clean. The pool includes an skimmer that automatically removes surface debris, saving tons of time. The pool also comes with a basic maintenance kit.

            Customer Reviews

            The Summer Waves Rectangular Swimming Pool Pro Series has gotten very good reviews.

            Apart from the positive remarks on the quality construction of the pool which is to be expected for a pool at this level, reviewers adored the pool skimmer. The ease of assembly has also been widely noted. Of the negative reviews, many were focused on shoddy construction of the ladder and the cheap maintenance kit.

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            • Reinforced pool U-frame is extremely strong
            • Skimmer Plus filtration system can accommodate chlorine tablets
            • Double layered PVC side walls with inner layer of polyester mesh
            • In-pool safety barrier
            • Includes pool cover and maintenance kit
            • Extremely easy snap-on construction that does not sacrifice durability
            • Included Pool Skimmer Plus filtration system that removes debris like insects and leaves from the water


            • Ground must be totally leveled before the pool is set, as the uneven ground can put excess weight on one side of the edge
            • The included ladder and pool maintenance kit are underwhelming



            The Summer Waves Rectangular Swimming Pool Pro Series offers the experience of a true backyard pool for a fraction of the cost. Quick to assemble and take apart, this durable and versatile pool is one of our favorites. The skimmer filtration system is unique to this pool and we think that it alone is worth it. Overall, this is a great pool that we highly recommend.

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