Intex Ultra Frame Pool Review

By | November 23, 2016
Intex Ultra Frame Pool



    Setup Time









            • Easy to set up - Most get setup on the same day
            • Much more durable than the Intex Easy Set
            • Effortlessly dismantled for storage
            • Great Value - Many essentials included
            • HUGE Capacity - Can fit ALOT of people


            • Possibility of openings in liners - Check the floor to be sure
            • Ground must be level or the liner may leak

            Intex Ultra Frame Pool



            The Intex Ultra Frame pool is the flagship model of the Intex’s pool line. Built with SUPER-TOUGH laminated PVC sidewalls and an extremely sturdy power coated steel frame, this pool looks and feels premium. Since the Intex Ultra Frame is a high end model, it also includes a better pump and better accessories than other Intex pools. This pool will last you many years and summers of fun, we say that the Intex Ultra Frame pool one of the best above ground pool on the market today.

            Category Metal Frame Rectangular Above-ground Pool
            2 Avaliable Sizes 24ft by 12ft by 52in / 32ft by 16ft by 52in
            Water Capacity (90%) 8,403 gallons / 14,264 gallons
            Pump Krystal clear cartridge filter pump -- 2,100 gph (110 - 120v) / 2,800 gph (110 - 120V)


            • 12ft by 24ft by 52in
            • 16ft by 32ft by 52in

            Assembly and Upkeep

            The Intex Ultra Frame Pool is designed to be long lasting and reliable, being able to endure all weather year after year.

            The Intex Ultra Frame Pool is also relatively easy to set up. Most people will find they can start the setup without any extra help, despite the pool’s large size.The pool also includes an instructional DVD with its instructions.

            As with all pools, the Intex Ultra Frame requires some basic maintenance. Do periodic leak checks, cleanings, and replacements of filters. In the winter, do some basic winter proofing.

            Customer Reviews

            The Intex Ultra Frame pool has generally recieved good reviews from customers

            Most of the Positive Reviews have been focused on the pool’s quality, functionality, and value. Many reviewers have added upgrades like salt water systems to improve their pool. Negative experiences have mostly been caused by inadequate supports for the U-frame and problems caused by negligence during setup and maintenance though there have been real defects.

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            • Setup of the Intex Ultra Frame pool set is easy
            • Built on strong and stable U-frame steel beams
            • Built with genuinely premium materials: powder coated steel beams and thick laminated PVC sidewalls
            • Sand filter is included with the Krystal Clear Sand Filter pump
            • Can be effortlessly dismantled for storing during the off-season for conservation purposes.
            • The new dual suction outlet fittings improve water circulation resulting in better water hygiene and clarity
            • Drain plug is compatible with standard garden hoses
            • Includes accessories like ladders 
            • Salt water system compatible 


            • Pool is susceptible to damage if the base is uneven 
            • The ladder may be inadequate


            The Intex Ultra Frame pool is one of the best ways to experience an in-ground pool with the price of and above-ground pool. Its large enough to permit a large range of activities, including volleyball and even lap swimming. Our verdict: this pool is unmatched in terms of quality and functionality in its price range – you can’t go wrong with it.

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