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By | November 24, 2016
Intex Easy Set Pool



    Setup Time









            • Filter cartridge lasts a considerable length of time
            • Easy basic upkeep
            • Storing the pool during the winter months will prolong the longevity of the pool
            • Pool Liner is exceptionally strong
            • Depending on the size, this pool can generally be assembled within 15 minutes


            • The Intex easy pool may not as solid or sturdy as the Metal Frame and Ultra Frame models
            • Must have storage capacity to possibly store the pool for winter months
            • Area where pool is placed must be completely level
            • Included pump may very unlikely malfunction, best backed by guarantee
            • Liner may break due to uneven ground

            Intex Easy Set Pool

            Budget Inflatable Pool



            If you want an above ground pool but don’t want to go through the hassle of or cost assembling one, the inexpensive Intex Easy Set pool could be the perfect pool for your family. It only takes 15 minutes to assemble and have a fully functional pool. All you need for this pool is a open outdoor space and a power cord! With the Intex Easy Set pool, you can have a high quality pool within minutes. 

            Category Inflatable Above-ground Pool
            3 Avaliable Sizes 12ft by 12ft by 30in / 15ft by 15ft by 36in / 15ft by 15ft by 48in / 18ft by 18ft by 48in
            Water Capacity (90%) 1,485 gal / 2,822 gal / 3,736 gal / 5,455 gal
            Pump Krystal clear cartridge filter pump (110 - 120v) -- 530 gph / 1,000 gph / 1,500 gph


            • 12ft by 30in
            • 15ft by 36in
            • 15ft by 48in
            • 18ft by 48in

            Assembly and Upkeep

            The Intex Easy Set pool is as expected, easy to assemble and maintain. Assembly consists of leveling the ground and clearing it of objects, placing the pool, and filling it. 

            It is critical to keep the pool clear of sharp objects and level on the ground. Failure to provide a flat base for the poor could cause unnecessary stress on one side of the pool.

            To maintain he pool, you will need to periodically change the pump filters, clean the pool of debris, and inspect the pool for punctures. In the winter, it is strongly recommended to store the pool to protect against weather.

            Customer Reviews

            The Intex Easy Set pool has received good reviews from customers on Amazon.

            Most people have given the pool high marks for ease of assembly, durability, and value. There were also many mentions of the low cost of purchase and maintenance of the Intex Easy Set pool compared to their previous above ground pools. The pool did receive some criticism, mostly for the top ring being partially deflated, but there were few catastrophic defects.

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            • Pool is extremely easy to assemble – taking just 15min!
            • Easy basic upkeep, minimal effort required after you finish the assembly
            • Includes powerful Krystal Clear filter cartridge pump with a one-year warranty allows you to enjoy fresh, clean water.
            • Built-in ground circuit interrupter will shut down pump in case current reaches water, protecting occupants
            • Includes many free accessories, especially for the larger sizes
            • Drain plug is compatible with standard garden hoses
            • Laminated PVC Pool Liner is exceptionally strong and can last a lot of wear and tear
            • New dual suction outlet fittings allows for improved water circulation, resulting in better water hygiene and clarity.


            • The Intex easy pool may not as sturdy as framed pools
            • Area where pool is placed must be completely level of the liner may simply break due to uneven stress, as with all above ground pools


            The Intex Easy Set pool is revolutionary in that it is a full-sizes above ground pool that can be fully assembled within minutes. In addition, functionality nor durability is sacrificed for it’s ease of setup. We will fully recommend the Intex Easy Set pool to you if you are looking for the most convenient pool. It will provide your family with quick and easy access to a pool summer after summer!

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