TOP Above Ground Pools – Expert Reviews & Guides 2017

Choosing an above ground pool is a big decision, and it can be stressful to find the pool with the size, utility, and safety features you need. At Pool Helpers, our pool experts have compiled a list of the best pools in the market today – helping you make an informed decision. We present to you the buying guide for the best above ground pools in 2017!

Above ground pools are a great alternative to the expensive and space-consuming in-ground pools. Coming in at a tiny fraction of the cost of in-ground pools, above ground pools won’t break your bank – nor will they require costly specialized annual maintenance.

We have carefully examined each pool’s features, including its construction, pump, maintenance needs, customer reviews, value, and durability. To see a complete review and specifications of each pool, click on the ‘Full Review’ button. 

We have also reviewed the the best pool accessories and upgrades, including  pumps, heaters, cleaners, and individual pools.

After you buy an above ground pool, please check out our buying guides for Heaters, Pumps, Cleaners, because you will need these in order to maintain your pool.

Here are the top above ground pools which have made the cut.

NameTypeBest FeaturesFull ReviewLink
Intex Ultra Frame Pool (Overall Top Rated Pool) Premium Metal Frame Pool
  • Premium quality
  • Weatherproof materials
Power Steel Metal Frame Pool (Best Standard Metal Frame Pool) Metal Frame Pool
  • The Pool is incredibly easy to setup
Summer Waves Rectangular Frame Pool (Runner Up) Metal Frame Pool
  • Pump included
  • One of the most stunning pools we have reviewed
Intex Metal Frame Pool (Best Budget Metal Frame Pool) Budget Metal Frame Pool
  • Little maintenance needed - rust resistant steel frame
  • Includes Krystal Clear Cartridge filter pump
  • Easy assembly
Intex Oval Frame Pool (Best Inflatable Pool) Inflatable Pool
  • SUPER-TOUGH laminated PVC sidewalls
Intex Easy Set Pool (Best Budget Inflatable Pool) Budget Inflatable Pool
  • Easy basic upkeep
  • A multitude of safety features
  • The tear proof Pool Liner is exceptionally strong

above ground pool

by Atlantis Pool Service

Our Editor’s Top Picks – The Best Above Ground Pools


    Intex Easy Set® Pool

Of all the numerous inflatable pools our staff have reviewed, The low maintenance Intex Easy Set® Pool offers the best combination of value, durability, and simplicity. Being an inflatable, the Intex Easy Pool Budget Inflatable Poolhas an easy and painless installation time of less than 15 minutes. Despite this, the pool boasts ultra-strength industry standard laminated PVC sidewalls, and an impressive capacity of nearly 4,000 gallons. The pool includes various essential safety features including a Ground Fault Interrupter, air-cushioned top ring, and dual suction outlet fittings. This pool is a perfect budget top-rated above ground pool.


  • 12ft by 30in
  • 15ft by 36in
  • 15ft by 48in
  • 18ft by 48in
Full Review


  • Easy basic upkeep
  • A multitude of safety features
  • The tear proof Pool Liner is exceptionally strong
  • Includes ladder, covers, and pump
  • Pool is easy to assemble – takes just 15min

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    Intex Metal Frame Pool

The Intex Metal Frame Pool is another quality product from Intex and we rate it the best in class in budget frame pools. The pool, with strong laminated PVC sidewalls, is set on a robust steel Budget Metal Frame Poolframe. It includes a filtered cartridge filter pump, a ground fault circuit interrupter plus other safety features, and dual suction outlet fittings. All this comes at a low price (for 12ft version) – the most affordable top ranked pool we have reviewed.


  • 12ft by 30in
  • 15ft by 48in
Full Review


  • Little maintenance needed – rust resistant steel frame
  • Extremely durable materials
  • Includes Krystal Clear Cartridge filter pump
  • Easy assembly
  • Safe for small children

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Power Steel Metal Frame Pool

The Runner up to the awesome Intex Metal Frame Pool Set is the Bestway Power Steel Metal frame pool set. Although slightly more expensive, the power steel pool setStandard Metal Frame Pool is a formidable offering with a decent amount of value. It includes a 1000 GPH Pump and is made of high quality reinforced metal with PVC Polymer sidewalls. The pool is made to withstand a lot of pressure and turmoil and will last you many years of fun and swimming!


  • 14ft by 48in
  • 18ft by 48in
  • 20ft by 48in
  • 24ft by 52in
  • 26ft by 52in

Full Review


  • The Pool is incredibly easy to setup
  • The weight is only 90.7 pounds
  • There is a decent return policy on this pool
  • The Pool is durable and will last for a decent amount of time
Check Price on Amazon [14ft] Check Price on Amazon [18ft] Check Price on Amazon [20ft] Check Price on Amazon [24ft] Check Price on Amazon [26ft]


    Intex Ultra Frame Pool

Looking for a top quality pool but don’t have deep pockets? Look no further than the Intex Ultra Frame Pool. With a beautiful rust-proof powder coated steel frame and laminated PVC sidewalls, Premium Rectangular Frame Poolthis pool is designed to perform and last. It includes a powerful Krystal Clear Sand filter pump and the newest dual suction outlet fittings that improve water circulation and pool hygiene.


  • 12ft by 24ft by 52in
  • 16ft by 32ft by 52in
Full Review


  • Premium quality weatherproof materials
  • Top in class pumps
  • Accessories include ladder, ground cloth and pool cover
  • Many safety features
  • Relatively painless assembly
  • Salt water compatibility

Check Price on Amazon [32ft x 16ft]

Check Price on Amazon [24ft x 12ft]


Summer Waves Rectangular Frame Pool

We couldn’t leave this pool out! The Summer Waves Rectangular Frame Pool is among the top premium pools we have reviewed. This largePremium Rectangular Frame Pool Runner Up 12×24 pool includes a Skimmer Plus filtration system and an A-frame ladder all set on a brace-reinforced steel frame. The pool also receives high marks for its stunning mosaic tile blue color and its beautiful aesthetics. 


  • 12ft by 24ft
Full Review


  • Pump included
  • One of the most stunning pools we have reviewed
  • Reinforced pool bracing system
  • Various included accessories 
  • Skimmer Plus filtration system with pump
Check Price on Amazon


    Intex Oval Frame Pool

Oval Frame PoolThe Intex Oval Frame Pool is an excellent pool, and definitely deserves a spot on our list. Its steel frame is powder coated and the sidewalls are laminated to provide the best protection from the elements. The pool comes with a powerful 1,000 or 1,500 GPH Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump to ensure proper pool circulation and hygiene.


  • 18ft by 10ft by 42in
  • 20ft by 12ft by 48in
Full Review



  • SUPER-TOUGH laminated PVC sidewalls
  • Filtered Pump
  • Strong weather-proof framing
  • Lots of safety features – including an air-cushioned rim

Check Price on Amazon [10ft x 18ft]

Check Price on Amazon [12ft x 20ft]

 Check our other guides

        Choosing an above ground pool doesn’t have to be a difficult or time consuming, our well-written pool reviews will guide your decision. Have the extra cash to purchase a pool? But worried about year round maintenance? We are also able to assist you with information about keeping your new swimming pool in superb functioning order. These five items are crucial for maintaining your swimming pool.

Swimming Pool maintenance:

  1. Vacuums and Cleaners –This is one of the most important parts of your pool, without a vacuum, you will have to manually scrape the pool and clean it yourself.  Dirt, grime, and rain can taint a perfectly good pool. A vacuum will allow you to clean your pool of any possible debris, dirt, algae. The Vacuum cleaner will crawl the walls, floors and scrub for any: algae, debris, and grime in the pool. A vacuum cleaner is one of the most vital tools in maintaining a clean pool.Without a vacuum cleaner, you would have to spend arduous hours in manually scraping the pool to clean. Does that sound like fun? No, it probably doesn’t.
  1. Pumps – Pumps are essential parts of a pool, they serve to keep your pool clean and the health of those using it. Pumps are used to pump out any accumulation of dirt and grime in the pool after usage and serve to extend the usable lifespan of a pool as well. Our reviews on pumps are especially useful to find the right pool pump for you.

Swimming Pool accessories:

These are just for some extra jazz and cool looks, great to impress guests and the such. You can enhance the highest quality pools can look even better with these!

  1. Heaters – Heaters are great for keeping your pool warm while you swim, great accessory for those who don’t want to be cold swimming, check out our reviews on Heaters.

How did you find the best pools?

        At, we painstakingly review each and every pool one-by-one and analyze each pool’s features, reliability, cost and set-up time to get you the best possible swimming pools on the market for your hard earned money. The top-rated pools can be found with our: reviews, guides, and other resources. We are here to help you find the best swimming pools on the market today!

Benefits of having an Above Ground Pool

  • You don't have to go to a recreational center anymore to swim
  • Maintenance of an above ground pool is quite easy
  • Above ground pools are great for exercising and health
  • They are a great alternative to in-ground pools
  • Above Ground pools have are good for pool parties

What is the ideal Pool for me?

This depends on many factors, including:

  1. Your Budget

According to Lowes, the average cost for an Above Ground Pool is 1500$, an In-ground pool can cost up to 25000$! Some pools may be more expensive than others, acknowledge how much money you are able to spend on your new pool. The best pools for each price bracket can be found in the “reviews” section.

  1. Size

What do you want your pool to look like? Depending on your uses for the pool, whether it is For your family, partying, or relaxing, we have pools large and small. Depending on your preferences of size, we’ll do our damned best to lead you towards your dream pool.

A big pool may be cumbersome or time-consuming to set up. A larger pool might not even fit in your backyard, in that case, we also have pools smaller in size. Before ordering your new pool, be aware of the size of your backyard or setup area.

    3. Which pool do you want to buy?-

So how do you find a good swimming pool for you? We’ve eliminated all unnecessary information for you, and have spent a large part of our time to qualify ourselves in supplying you with your dream swimming pool. First-tier swimming pools don’t have to be hard to find. Though our long and arduous hours of work, we have minimized the effort and time that you need to take away from the most important things in your life. Don’t agonize if you are ever worried! We will help guide your decision in choosing a magnificent pool worthy of your hard earned money. The top swimming pools are found here!

 Why should you buy an Above Ground Pool?

Why spend your hard earned money on a pool? Right now is the ideal time for you to buy a pool, for great quality pools are at an all time low. Now that you’ve decided that you want to spend your hard earned money on a pool, with so many options, what should you consider? Above ground pools are an excellent alternative to the more expensive options such as in-ground pools. The best above ground pools in 2016 and 2017 are available today!

Another reason why you should purchase a pool now is in preparation for the summer months. If it is already summer where you are, what are you waiting for? Buy a pool before summer ends or you just might regret not being able to sip on a bottle of ice cold beer as you cool down in your new pool to escape the heat. Pools are perfect for pool parties, family, and get-togethers’. If you’re having any misgivings whatsoever about your decision to purchase your new pool, be ecstatic to know, we are here to aid you in your purchase. Would you not want a top above ground pool in 2017? Our above ground pool reviews can help you make that choice!

How do you find a good Pool?

We have done the hard work for you, painstakingly looking over countless reviews. Because in our minds, the customer’s satisfaction is one of the most important things to us. Our chosen reviews will have you questioning if there even is a difference in quality between a higher end 10,000 dollar pool and a lower price above ground pool.

A high quality above ground pool can be only 200- 1500! Most of the deals offered on the above ground pools reviewed are very good deals for such high quality pools, so much to the point that the pools reviewed here had our experienced and knowledgeable staff started questioning whether or not the seller was losing money for selling such a high quality pool at the price. Below, we have listed our carefully considered reviews, handpicked by our staff for your consideration.

At, our staff is overjoyed to help you make your decision in any way. We have the highest rated reviews on swimming pools on the internet, this makes us qualified to aid you in finding a cheap, high-quality, large, soft-sided or hard-sided pool today!
You can just look on amazon or eBay for a swimming pool, but can that really help you find the best pool you can buy? We provide great guides such as above ground pool reviews for 2017 and others.

Where to find Swimming Pools?

The easiest way to buy a new pool is through Amazon and they will also ship to your doorstep within days. Amazon also has a large selection of pools to buy from and possibly foreign originated pools. Amazon also has great resources like reviews, and also warranty information. Much better than the little support you get from your local store! In addition, you will get better return policies and more flexibility such as better pricing and most importantly more payment options! Seems like Amazon should be your first choice for finding the best pools!

How to Erect an Above Ground Pool?

Most above ground pools today are easy to build and can be fully set up in an afternoon’s time. Above ground pool setup usually requires few tools and little experience. If you still do you feel comfortable setting up the pool yourself, can still hire a contractor

Installation Steps:

  1. Find a Location to Build your Pool
    • Find a flat and safe place large enough to accommodate your pool with some space to spare
    • Avoid these places:
      • Under trees and other vegetation – leaves and berries that fall from plants will be a nightmare to deal with and far outweighs potential shade benefits. If you want shade to prevent pool evaporation, use a pool cover (which come with some pools)
      • Rocks – Self explanatory: don’t build a soft pool on rocks!
      • Low areas – Build your pool on high ground to avoid getting flooded when it rains! The foundation of the pool can become soft and sink down.
    • When you have found the proper place for your pool, start to prepare the the site
  2. Prepare the Site
    • Clear the field of any large or potentially dangerous debris
    • Strip the site of all grass and smooth the soil
    • Make sure the the base is totally flat. Use a carpenter’s level to help you.
    • Add a layer of sand on the soil, which also needs to be flattened
    • If you have a ground cloth, unfold and place it
    • Now prepare to set up the actual pool
  3. Set up the Pool
    • You will now need to rely on your pool’s installation manuals more starting here because the actual installation step of each pool is different.
    • Set up the frame or support legs of you pool. These supports will need to hold thousands of pounds of water, so make sure you securely fix the joints. If you have an inflatable pool, skip this step as your pool has no frame.
    • Install the walls and base of your pool, which may come in one or multiple pieces
    • Now you are ready to fill your pool
  4. Filling it
    • You can fill your pool with water from you garden hose
    • Do not overfill your pool
    • Check the pool for any defects or leaks. If you find a leak on your new pool, immediately return it
    • If you have pool chemicals like chlorine tablets ready, you can put them in your pool once you have filled it
  5. Installing Pumps and Filters
    • You will have to use your pool’s installation guide for this step
    • Generally, there are two ports you must connect your pool pump/filter hoses to: an inlet and outlet.
    • Never run a pump dry. Many pumps will instantly burn up and be destroyed if turned on without water in it

How to Take Care of an Above Ground Pool?

Although above ground pools are a fraction of the price of regular in ground pools, you will still need to perform much of the maintenance for a in ground pool on an above ground pool. If you want your pool to last for many years and be safe for all swimmers, you will need to do regular maintenance and upkeep on the pool. Here is a basic guide on above ground pool care.

Water Balance

An above ground pool needs to have a proper pH balance to be safe to use. Alkaline (High pH), acidic (Low pH), and soft/hard water (low/high calcium) water is unsafe and unpleasant to swim in.

Use test strips to check the chemical balance of your pool
Item Testing Frequency Acceptable Range
Alkalinity 1-3 times/Week 90-150 ppm
pH 1-3 times/Week 7.2-8
Hardness Monthly 250-400 ppm
If any category is off, use pool chemicals to remedy the issue

Water Sanitation

To prevent unsafe microbes, algae, and bacteria buildup in your pool, add chlorine tablets to your water. Be mindful to keep chlorine levels at a safe level.

If you are using conventional chlorine treatments, make sure to check your water’s chlorine levels with test strips as often as possible, preferably daily. Try to keep the concentration at between 1 and 3 ppm.

Water Clarification

Over time, various outside contaminants such as organic waste, dirt, sunscreen, and oils get into you water, making your pool cloudy and murky. Algae growth is also very common. These problems with water quality are often not be solved with chlorine tablets alone, so you may need other solutions

Pool Cleaning

Chemicals alone will not maintain your pool, and removal of physical debris and crud is also required upkeep. You can use a skimmer net or passive pool skimmer to remove surface debris and a wall brush or automatic pool cleaner to clean the interior walls of your pool.  You will also need to periodically check your pump and replace or clean the filter cartridges. Clean the filters often and replace them every year.

How should you use an Above Ground Pool?

You can use your pool to relax and exercise during the off-season. Pools are great for keeping the kids safe and keeping them occupied and exercising. Exercise is great for kids and for elderly adults. Pools are also great for large house parties where many people get together and enjoy a pool. In addition, a valuable pool can increase the value of a home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of warranty can I expect for my new pool?

  • This varies between different pools, most pools have a warranty of 1 year but some have longer. Check each review for its warranty. The best pools have 4.8+ star reviews on our website.

How should I fill my pool?

  • First of all, fill it using a garden hose or any other water source you can find, also make sure to add appropriate chemicals. Furthermore, read our guide on how to set up an above ground pool.


This wraps up our buying guide for above ground swimming pools for summer 2k17. We chose the Intex Ultra Frame Pool as the best above ground pool of 2017.

Our website has a great variety of information to help you make an informed choice as to which pool you wish to purchase. We have information on the best above ground pool accessories, maintenance and reviews on the best swimming pools on the market. We hope that our reviews helped you find a great above ground pool for you and your family to enjoy!