About Us

At Poolhelpers.net, we strive to find the right above ground swimming for our visitors to buy. We founded this website because there are not many resources for those looking to buy one and it is very hard to decide which above ground pool one wants to buy. We individually search up and review each pool and check each and every possible feature and carefully evaluate each and every pool to tell you the most accurate information possible. We literally turned our house inside out trying to review each swimming pool for you!

Our Team

Joey Meng

Joey Meng is a pool technician working with Bill Yang in a local Michigan pool installation service that helps clients build pools.

Email: joey@poolhelpers.net

Phone: 248-487-9823

Bill Yang

Bill Yang has been working with swimming pools for almost thirty years. A certified pool technician, Bill owns a local Michigan pool installation business that helps clients build both in-ground and above ground pools.

Email: bill@poolhelpers.net

Phone: 248-982-8753