The Best Gaming Monitors

Gaming monitors are the next big thing, whether it be gaming monitors that are 1440p, 1080p, 4k, Ultrawide, curved and many other types of different specifications. Some of these specifications include:

  • The Resolution of the monitor, this is the most important component. Resolution determines your quality of the image as well as the overall playability of the monitor
  • Size, this determines the amount of space you have for gaming on your monitor. This is another important factor for a monitor
  • Price, you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on a monitor right? Don’t worry about this, our great friends at PandaTechie have a guide for buying a monitor for video gaming.
  • Other characteristics, gaming monitors often have stuff like FreeSync (for AMD) and G-Sync (for Nvidia) as well as refresh rate – which has to do with the overall quality of gaming that a person will have when gaming on a high-fps gaming rig. Along with other features such as power consumption and what not.

Let’s take a look at a great gaming monitor that PandaTechie has showed us: The Acer XF240H 24″

The Acer XF240H 24 Inch gaming monitor is a great monitor that is not only low in price but also decent quality, it uses a TN panel meaning that its color quality will suffer however its response time will generally be lower (better). Being at 1080p, this monitor is also quite affordable, meaning that it can be used in budget gaming builds as well as mid-tier systems. This also includes FreeSync, meaning that it can be used in with AMD graphics cards for better gaming performance as well as budget friendliness.

Make sure to check out Amazon for this great deal. Most of these gaming monitors are much more expensive than the Acer XF240H 24 Inch gaming monitor is.